The Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC): the challenge of assessing extracurricular learning in a school context





De Chamberet, Hélène
Mathieu, Simon

The article tracks the path of four candidates who are preparing to demonstrate their proficiency in word processing, as part of the AEC (Attestations d’études collégiales) in Office Automation. Rather than following traditional training, candidates will take part in assessments that, if they pass, will allow the college to formally certify a set of skills and issue a diploma. These skills have normally been acquired through professional or personal experiences; the evaluation methods must therefore take into account the extracurricular nature of this learning. This poses quite the challenge for the college tasked with developing assessment tools in the context of prior learning assessment and recognition, more commonly known as RAC. The concepts and principles presented in the text will shed light on the work of content specialists responsible for RAC assessment, but will also provide a new perspective on the assessment of learning in a school context.

Article available in French only.

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